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The 2005 Tapestry tour August 9-14 in Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. So glad for each of you that made it to one of our programs. Keep checking this site for more information.


Tapestry 2005

Tapestry Chamber Singers has grown out of the God-given connection of a group of people who are impassioned by the sheer joy of singing and sharing great music. Beginning with the first dream seeds, throughout our June 2003 tour, and now again in connection with our August 2005 tour, God has blessed and opened doors in ways that are exciting to us.

The twenty-some members of the choir come from scattered locations -- as far west as Oregon, as far south as Georgia, as far north as New York -- and range in age from eighteen to forty-nine. But we are united in our desire to offer a glimpse of "the beauty of the Lord our God" to all who hear our music.

A definition of Tapestry

"Heavy cloth woven with rich, complex, varicolored designs or scenes, usually hung on walls for decoration." Applied to us, "tapestry" signifies the variety and diversity we as individuals bring to the group, our being woven together through our love of singing into a beautiful musical whole, and our desire to beautify and enrich our world by sharing great music.